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Poor customer service

By: non-member | May 3, 2016

My initial experience with Canada Glass was a positive experience and I was happy with the mirror I purchased from them. Less than a month of having my mirror it cracked and I emailed the company asking if there was anything they could do. Their customer service rep told me no and that it was the fault of my experienced contractor that installed the mirror. Claiming the clips were installed too tight. They were not or else he wouldn't have been able to slide the clips in place to hold the mirror. I felt as though I was being blamed and the company did not even consider giving me a discount for replacing the mirror. The customer service rep was rude. When I explained my experience on their Facebook page I was threatened with a legal action. This is not how a business should handle negative/unhappy reviews from a customer. I was looking for compassion since the product I bought from them didn't even last a month. Nothing of the sort happened. I suppose the company is not interested in my possible business in the future. The customer service rep has insured that.

Canada Glass & Mirror Co

155 Bentworth Ave. Toronto, ON

category: Glass - Retailers

best company to legalize BASEMENT

By: XYZ123 | January 22, 2016

I was wondering around the city to find a local company to legalize my Basement. I found aaap international to be one of the best among others company that they provide same service. small firm that walk you through your property legalization with no stress or hidden cost. I will always use their service since is affordable and fast to deliver what they promise for.

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